Action alert!

It is absolutely vital we take care of our planet and help keep excess waste out of landfills!
Recycle with MilkUp!
We accept glass and plastic packaging (left from our products) for recycling.
Our customers will receive free products for returning GLASS containers:

* 10 bottles 650 ml — get kefir, milk or goat kefir for free
* 10 jars 330 ml — plain yogurt or coconut yogurt for free
* 10 jars 250 ml - tvorog 250 ml for free
10 jars Baby Cottage Cheese — 1 Baby Cottage Cheese for free
10 bottles Baby Kefir — 1 Baby Kefir for free
10 cheesecakes jars — one of our bestseller desserts as a gift
Please inform us in advance so we could prepare gift products for the next delivery

Let's make our planet better together!